Don’t Promote Your MLM Network Marketing Opportunity, Promote Yourself

When I was with a MLM company, I brought my prospects to my upline. My upline used some PowerPoint slides to present to my prospects. She talked about the company, the products, the compensation plan and the MLM network marketing opportunity with emphasis on the possibility of earning residual income. In another MLM company, my upline taught me to promote the products first and not the opportunity. I was very confused. Who is right?

I later realized that the most effective method is to promote yourself, not your MLM company, products, compensation plan or your opportunity.

Why Don’t Promote Your Products

Some people may like your products and join your MLM network marketing opportunity. However, most people find it very difficult to promote the company products. If your prospects don’t know you and don’t know your products, chances of them buying products from you are very slim. If your prospects know you and trust you, they may buy the products from you if they need the products. So your prospects have to know you first.

Why Don’t Promote Your MLM Network Marketing Opportunity

Many network marketers promote their MLM network marketing business opportunity as a way to earn residual income and achieve financial freedom. There are so many people promoting the same type of business opportunity, why should they join you? If they know you and are interested in business, they may join you. That’s why your upline asks you to approach your warm market first. However, not all the people in your warm market are interested in your business opportunity.

Why Promote Yourself?

When you promote yourself, you are doing self branding. When you provide value to your prospects, you are perceived as an expert. People like to learn from experts. Your prospects will want to learn from you. They are interested in what you offer and are attracted to you. Many of them will join your opportunity when they are ready to join.

How Do You Promote Yourself?

To provide value to your prospects, you need to understand your prospects. Empathize with them. Know what are their problems, fears, concerns and know what they are thinking and talking about. You can then provide them with solutions or your opinions on topics that are of interests to them. When people constantly receive value from you, they will like you and trust you. They will like what you offer.

Providing value to attract people to you is called attraction marketing. When you successfully promote yourself and are able to attract prospects to you, you will be able to get prospects to join your business opportunity. So don’t promote your products or your MLM network marketing opportunity, promote yourself first.

How to Choose Network Marketing Opportunities

Network marketing opportunities are very popular lucrative sources of huge profit. There are a variety of opportunities that you can choose if you want to venture into this industry. There are a few network opportunities that are not legitimate. Many are not scams but they perform poorly in the market. If you want to join network marketing opportunities, you should be able to choose the right one. This way, you do not waste your time and energies chasing after an empty dream or promise of profitability.

Choose Long Running Network Marketing Opportunities

The first two years of a network is the most critical phase. The initial phase hints where a network is bound to go. If a network fails in the first two years, then it is unlikely to survive. But, if a network is able to survive the first two to five years despite the challenges in the market, then you are assured that it is nearly fail-proof. Do not invest your hard-earned money over network marketing opportunities that are bound to close in the coming months. It also takes about two years before you can make huge profits. So if the life of the network is short-lived, you might not be able to offset your operational and business costs.

Choose Well-Funded Network Marketing Opportunities

These opportunities are basically a wide array of distributors all contributing to the sale of chosen products and services. While you pitch in an investment yourself, you need to be sure that the network as a whole allots capital for the sustainable operations of the network. You are assured to get commissions per action or per sale if the network is well-funded. A well-funded network can also easily expand and grow. You, as a member, will be benefited with the success of your network.

Choose Networks with In Demand, Quality Products

Networks usually make up several distributors of products and services in different tiers. If you choose to be in any level of the network, you will directly or indirectly take part in selling the products. The more sales you make, the larger the commissions you can get. Choose products that can easily be sold to the market because of their high demand. You can also easily get satisfied customers who will not hesitate to reorder if you sell quality products. Quality and in-demand products easily become viral in the market because words travel fast.

Choose Marketing Opportunities That Generate Immediate and Long-Term Income

Choose network marketing opportunities that offer immediate income. If immediate income is not available, make sure you get a steady cash flow enough to sustain, and even expand and grow, your business. Make sure the marketing opportunities that you choose offer savings that will provide you with the financial safety net that you need in running a business in a very versatile market. You can choose an opportunity to earn depending on your financial needs. You can choose network marketing opportunities that do not require you to quit your current job or sacrifice any important affairs and activities.

Real Network Marketing Opportunities – Facts and Fiction

Real network marketing opportunities abound online and offline. Choosing which one is probably the hardest part of the journey, but it is a must to choose wisely. Here is a look at some simple facts and outright fictions of starting a network marketing business.

Finding a real and solid network marketing business opportunity is actually rather simple. Once you get past the “nay sayers” you will find that most are not only legitimate, but some have been helping people find success at home for a very long time. Finding one of these opportunities is easy, but finding a solid sponsor and system that works…well, that is the tricky part.

For those of us who have found success in this industry, particularly the health and wellness industry, have found that our success was bred from others success. Yes, we found a viable product, a great compensation plan, but most importantly, we found solid leadership that truly cared and led. This should be top priority when searching for a business in this industry, finding a real leader, not just a sponsor.

The Boom and Network Marketing Online

The network marketing industry at this time is seeing a BOOM! Not because it has truly slowed down, no, not at all. The reason for the boom is because when the economy is down, we are down and when we are down we will fight to get back up again. This particular industry has never really seen slow time, just slow reaction from those looking to build a successful business online or, offline.

There again is another fact! Today we have a choice in how we market our business…we can do this offline, the traditional way or, we can simply learn to take advantage of the Internet and the FREE traffic that is always here 24/7. While there is a learning curve to this, unfortunately there are only a few choice top notch network marketing opportunities that actually teach their distributors and members how to take advantage of the Internet and online marketing. Look for this when researching an opportunity for yourself.

Opportunity Scams?

Are there any scams out there? Maybe, but in reality it is not the company or the products that made people yell scam, it was the fact they failed and that it might not have been their fault. This either came because of poor due diligence, poor sponsorship or, and I am serious here, they were lazy and did not do what they needed to do! THE WORK!

I have seen many people walk into a network marketing opportunity and without clear vision on how to market their products, how to market the opportunity or even know how the compensation plan truly works. Without the training and know-how of these simple steps to success in the opportunities industry how are you to succeed? And, if you are not willing to do the work involved, why do you yell scam when you fail? The blame game, I believe, is the reason we even see the word scam out here, it is usually not the company or product, but ourselves being unwilling to do the work.

Facts and Fiction

If you believe that you are going to get “rich” overnight or even in a few months, most likely you will fail. Now, let me say this, it is not that some have not gotten “rich” in just a few months, I know they have, I have met many of them. This industry, just like any other, takes time to build and the effort put forth in growing it. Is it worth it? YES! Here is a questions for you; “If you knew you would be working from home even 1 year from now…would you give it a try?” OF COURSE!

There are many, many successful individuals in network marketing opportunities, I know, as I mentioned before I have met many of them. These individuals started out with their own backs against the wall. Each had fallen into some sort of catastrophe either financially or, even physically, but they did not stop, they did not give up and quit their dream. They worked, and they worked hard (although the work was not as hard as the 9-5 they did have) to build their business.

Real network marketing opportunities come with a lot of fact behind them for helping individuals find success. They also come with a whole lot of fiction that is either made up for “reverse marketing” or, people yelling scam because they failed…this is just a fact. Before you joining any opportunity however, it is best to know everything you need to know about it, most of all you need to understand it and apply all the training you receive to succeed.

Network Marketing Opportunities For Motivated Individuals

Network marketing opportunities provide an awesome venue for motivated individuals to earn a decent income through distributing and promoting particular lines of products. There are many network marketing business opportunities available, both online and offline. Companies providing these opportunities have been in business for a long time, with new ones joining the industry, too. If you want a legitimate business opportunity from these companies, you must first examine the products they advertise. Most of these companies are successful because they manufacture a unique product line that appeals to customers at a personal level.

Products that are essential in day-to-day living have proven successful, which is why most network marketing business opportunities concern beauty, health, and cleaning products. Consumer products offer distributors continuous earnings from satisfied customers who keep coming back for more. Companies that provide network-marketing opportunities offer goods that are marketed and sold through a growing network of distributors, but not in stores. The distributors are the salespersons, delivery personnel, cashiers, and advertisers who operate via network marketing.

Distributors enlisted in these companies are mandated to enlist other distributors for the sake of promotion. For instance, top distributors can appoint a new group of distributors using these network marketing opportunities. A portion of the new distributor sales is then assigned to the appointing distributors; the new distributors then appoint distributors who report to them and receive part of their sales, and so on. Upline commissions increase as new distributors sign on, and the new distributors sign on other new distributors. Therefore, a network of advertisement and sales specialists is developed that promotes both the product and the hierarchical-distributor opportunity.

Many people have enrolled in distributorship opportunities offered by quality companies and have earned a decent passive income from their downline distributors. Network marketing opportunities abound globally, though some are better than others. Questionable MLM schemes have tarnished the reputation of network marketing, hence, discouraging many individuals who were willing to try this lucrative method of earning income. Due to poor products and inappropriate support models offered by companies, the public is becoming more skeptical about new companies. Certainly, companies with a clear record of successful business opportunities are believed to offer less risk to distributors.

However, new companies can also offer unique, trendy products that might create an appealing business opportunity for those who would like to climb aboard in early stages. Those who captured the same opportunity with old, successful companies can testify about their success, which has been achieved through hard work and appropriate timing. As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to look out for a product that is receiving a broad consumer interest. After that, a prospective distributor should carry out thorough research on young companies in each area of operation. As simple as it may sound, word-of-mouth can be the best source of initial research about network marketing business opportunities.