Network Marketing Opportunity – Six Things to Consider

Network marketing is serious business and serious money is made by those individual that treat their network marketing opportunity as a real business! So, with that said, before jumping into the first opportunity that presents itself to you, ask yourself six very important questions:

  1. How much will it cost and how much will I invest? Your initial startup cost can be anywhere from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars. Sometimes I think they should cost more because people would put more value on their business. The beauty of network marketing though is that it takes very little capital to start which allows anyone to really make it big if they do the work. Comparatively speaking, the first franchise I opened cost me $140,000 to open the doors. Glad I do not own it anymore My current network marketing opportunity cost me $1,500, one tenth of the franchise. The bottom line is you need some capital to start any business,but the reality is, how can I afford not to invest in yourself via a great network marketing opportunity!
  2. How am I going to get paid? When sizing up the network marketing opportunity you are interested in make sure you understand the compensation plan. You need to understand when and what you get paid for and then work the plan to optimize your income. Your sponsor should be able to answer the big questions about how your network marketing opportunity pays the distributors. Set goals but remember, it will take time to achieve the big numbers and do not even ask what your sponsor makes because it has absolutely nothing to do with what you will make. The big question is, ten years from now what will my check look like? The only way you will not achieve your goals is that you quit your network marketing opportunity.
  3. Is the training just a bunch of Hoo-Rah? Nothing wrong with an exciting group of networkers, but is the training delivering you content. If there are local meetings, then go, You will learn a lot about building your business from other networkers. Can your company give you a step by step process that is easy to understand and duplicate? It is all about the training, your personal development, and most importantly developing you as a leader so you can duplicate the process.
  4. Does the product perform and is it a match for you? When you are excited about your network marketing opportunity and the products, your passion is contagious. BUT, beyond passion, does the product deliver the results? Are the products results based on scientific evidence, or just a bunch of testimonials? Give some thought to how you might market it and listen to what your sponsor and other networkers do.
  5. How long has the company been in business? This is HUGE! The first network marketing opportunity I joined went out of business just as my pay peaked. It took a long time before a sought another network marketing opportunity because of that one huge mistake, I did not check out the company, I just jumped in! My current opportunity has been in business over 20 years. You need a solid company. A stable publicly traded company that must report to shareholders is a great foundation for the hard work you will put into your business. In the same way I interview those I want to sponsor, you should interview your sponsor and the company being represented. You want your company to be around in the future to insure that you receive your residual income while alive and your heirs when you are gone.
  6. Is your sponsor a leader? Will your sponsor work with you until you have developed into a leader? You want the person that introduced you to your business to be someone you both respect as a person and admire as a leader. This person is really your business partner and you will initially spend a lot of time with them learning how to lead and duplicate the process.

In conclusion, if you treat your network marketing opportunity like it is serious business, chose a great leader to emulate, pick a solid company with a fair and profitable compensation plan, and be willing to put in the time and effort to grow. Do not get discouraged. Those not open to your network marketing opportunity will try to shoot you down and steal your dreams. Treat your network marketing opportunity like the serious business it is, have fun, develop a great positive attitude, and the success will come.